a provincial partnership of community and government focused on increasing safe and effective justice options for women experiencing family violence in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Projects Undertaken Since 2000 to Present

Strengthening Survivor Networks in PEI 2020

Justice Options for Women, in collaboration with Women's Network PEI and other partner organizations, is launching a new project — Strengthening Survivor Networks in PEI. Many Island residents have experienced gender-based and sexualized violence. Those who have experienced these forms of violence are best placed to advocate for changes. This project will build on a previous collaboration in 2019 Survivor Voices and focuses on building capacity amongst Survivors of gender-based and sexualized violence.

PEI Collaborative Systemic Response to Family Violence March 2015 - March 2018

This project's purpose is to develop and pilot a model for a collaborative response for service providers in Prince Edward Island to those experiencing violence in an intimate relationship. We are working in close collaboration with the Province of Prince Edward Island to meet this mandate, and are exploring promising practices in collaborative response, with a view to building on success in other jurisdictions to create a process that meets the needs of clients and service providers in PEI.

Rural and Immigrant Women Project March 2012 - March 2015

Two local committees - one in West Prince and one focused on the immigrant and newcomer community in Charlottetown - were created to identify the unique needs of women in the community, and to develop action plans which speak to barriers and other factors that limit efforts to address the issue of violence against women and girls. A gender-based analysis with respect to gender based violence was completed.

Circles of Safety and Support May 2007 - March 2013

Through financial support from Status of Women Canada, and The Victim's Fund of Justice Canada, Justice Options has developed a model of collaborative safety planning for women experiencing intimate partner violence. Justice Options continues to seek funding to offer circles in Prince Edward Island.

Women's Peer Support and Social Action Program March - October 2006

With funding from the National Crime Prevention Centre, Justice Options explored potential for the development of a Women's Peer Support and Social Action Program.

Designing a PEI Domestic Violence Treatment Option Court Process September 2003 - February 2006

In this phase of the Justice Options for Women project, a stakeholders working group of survivors of violence, victim advocates and government came together to design and make recommendations for the implementation of a domestic violence treatment option court process for PEI.

Atlantic Coalition on Dispute Resolution and Violence Against Women January 2003 - February 2004

Justice Options for Women coordinated this Atlantic project funded by Status of Women Canada, which brought together stakeholders from across the Atlantic provinces in a three day conference from May 8-10th, 2003 at the University of Prince Edward Island. Participants used an interest based approach to identify values, needs, concerns and issues to be addressed to ensure that women have safe, victim centred, restorative justice and dispute resolution options in Atlantic Canada. A final report was developed.

Linking Criminal and Family Law Issues in Woman Abuse June 2002 - September 2003

When an abusive relationship ends, there are often two areas of law involved: criminal and family. While these are distinct areas with distinct purposes and processes, there is often confusion and implications for the participants. During this project, funded by Status of Women Canada, Justice Options for Women provided opportunities for women and the system to evaluate potential models for use in cases of woman abuse for both criminal and family law. Recommendations were made to the Province about ways to address woman abuse in the family and criminal law areas which reduce the potential for further abuse to women and their children.

Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women June 2001 - January 2002

The second project Justice Options was involved in was a project sponsored by the Restorative Justice Committee of the Conflict Resolution Co-operative of PEI Ltd. and funded by Status of Women Canada. It focussed on better understanding the problems and benefits of restorative justice approaches for women, and ensuring that violence against women continued to be a criminal matter seriously addressed by the justice system with the needs of women addressed. The project resulted in recommendations and a resource for women considering restorative or collaborative processes with people who have hurt them.

Justice Option s for Women Who Are Victims of Violence May 2000 - August 2001

This first project managed by the group was a project overseen by the Restorative Justice Committee of the Conflict Resolution Co-operative of PEI Ltd. and funded by Status of Women Canada and the Community Mobilization Program of the National Crime Prevention Centre. An interest-based process was used to assist stakeholders to better understand the needs and concerns connected to violence against women and to make recommendations based on meeting those needs. Results of the project can be found here.

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