a provincial partnership of community and government focused on increasing safe and effective justice options for women experiencing family violence in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Justice Options for Women who are Victims of Violence

How can the justice system help women who are victims of violence?

The goal of the Justice Options for Women who are Victims of Violence project is to ensure that justice options do not revictimize women who are victims of violence. To provide opportunities for women and their advocates to identify needs and issues in relation to justice, focus groups and interviews with women and victim advocates were held across the Island.

The information gathered, along with information gathered from a Reference Group of survivors of woman abuse, victim advocates and those working in the justice system and other related systems, will be used to create a Framework for Improving Justice Options for Women Who Are Victims of Violence.

Focus Groups and Interviews

Focus groups were held and interviews were conducted with women across the Island. There were three focus questions:

The following is summary of the focus groups and interviews.

What makes it hard for women to tell someone about abuse they have experienced?

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